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Toy Shih-Tzu puppies for Sale
. Shih-Tzu Puppies For Sale

Beautiful little Toy Shih-Tzu puppies
of the finest quality.  Please visit our
nursery by scrolling down, to find the perfect puppy for you and your family.

Send us an email!

Notice: our deposits are non refundable, please make sure you want a puppy before sending your deposit.
If you have committed to a puppy with a sale pending , we allow 3 business days for your deposit  to arrive.
If you have changed your mind please let us know out of consideration for us and others that might want
to purchase the puppy that is being held for you.  Thanks, Rhonda

  Attention: Due to the busy season we are
very busy with customers in and out of our office and phone calls,
we highly reccomend that serious inquiries call us at 318-498-1965
as the pup you are emailing about may be sold to someone else by
the time we have a chance to check our emails.

          Sorry, no Checks!!
Financing Available upon aproval through Paypal's ,
Bill me Later!!

           " Shopping list for your new Puppy"
Attention, if you have or plan to purchase a  pup, below are the items you will need.
 When you come to pick up your puppy, we will have a 25 minuet puppy seminar to go over feeding/care
instructions, vaccination records, crate training , and to answer any question that you may
have in regards to properly caring for your new family member.   Below is a shopping list of
 the items you will need for your new puppy  

#1  Iam's Smart puppy Gold Bag"
#2  Puppy Pads
#3  Medium size Crate, large enough for your pup to urinate and defecate to the back on a pad, and eat, sleep and play to the front.  

#4  A Tube of Nutracal , you may get this at any major pet store or vets office, they are very familiar.
#5  5 jars of Gerber Chicken and Chicken Gravy baby food " off the baby food Isle at Grocery Store"
#6  A doggy water Bottle and two small bowls
#7  Iam's puppy Biscuits in Gold box for treats
            #8  A snuggle buddy toy " soft Plush" and a squeaky toy
            #9  Receiving Blankets " a pack of 3"                                            
       #10 See Microchip info below!  

            Microchipping available for an additional $55.00 fee
         " Greatly increases the chance of bringing  them home if lost or Stolen"

Please add 4 % to the amount you are sending
to cover processing fees if using pay pal.

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   Maggie Moo and Bubbly have new babies!
 Accepting Deposits now!
 $200.00 down secures one of these babies!
  Babies born on July 12, 2014  
            Can Go Home Sept. 4, 2014
          quality Puppies, Champion Lines!

                           Roxy female, I'm available!

       Male v/s Female

From many years of having both male and female breeds,
I have found that I personally favor the males over the females
as far as temperament is concerned. They are much
more family oriented and protective toward their family.
The males are much sweeter and obey
better. A male is much more lovable and willing
to do anything to please you. They love your
approval, generally seek out your affection.
Most people do not want the males because they
think all males will mark their territory by
lifting the leg and peeing on everything in site.
I have learned from my past clients who have
adopted my pet puppies that if the males are
neutered at an early age say 4 to 6 months, they
do not mark there territory, having never gotten
male hormones due to this early neutering. Males
are generally much cheaper than a female due to
supply and demand. The price of a female is
higher, because they are in higher demand.
Females generally are much more stubborn. They
are very independent and want everything their
own way. The females
are always wanting to see what is on the other
side of the fence. A male is satisfied that he
has a yard and a family to love. Females are
higher strung and from time to time will fight
with other dogs. They often hold grudges for days
at a time when they have been corrected for doing
something they think is wrong. If your female is
not spayed then you also have a heat cycle every
6 to 8 months. This can also lead to unwanted
puppies to care for and find homes for in the
A friend once said the males are born to serve
us, the females are born for you to service them.
    Please consider a male as your next best friend

    House Breaking Tips for 12 to 15 week old pups

Many people think that they have to purchase in the summer
so they can housebreak the pup before returning back to
school, this is not happening.  Why you might ask?  Simply
because a puppy should not be taken outside until fully
vaccinated at 12 to 15 weeks, and they are not mentally
or physically ready to start as well.  A puppy is like a newborn
human baby, you could stand over the toilet with the human
baby all day and yes he would urinate and defecate in the toilet
but he simply would not even know that he was doing it.  Just like
human toddlers hit a stage where they start to notice the uncomfortable
feeling in their diaper as they age, puppies start to realilize that they do
not like the nasty in the back of the crate on the puppy pad.  
Also when a pup hits 12 to 15 weeks, he starts to eat more at one time,
his bladder is larger and can hold it longer, he knows what he is doing
and is ready to start his outside training .  When the pup is old enough
take him to the same place in the yard everytime.  Do not intermingle
playtime with potty time or you will be standing out in the rain and cold
while the pup wants to play.  We potty outside, and play in the house
until fully housebroken at about 9 months of age.  Your pups living area
should be his large crate with his puppy pad in the back so if he has an accident he can relief himself on his pad until you return home. Put your pup out to potty and then give him a short playtime, anything over about 20 minuets you are at risk of an accident.  You may take your pup out several times during playtime to assure no accidents and to have a longer playtime.
Baby should return to his crate while not playing.  Keep in mind your pup has his food , water bottle, and puppy pad all in the large crate.  your pupwill get on a schedule with you, they have a built in self clock and willstart to realize , Mom/Dad will be home at this time, and as the pup starts to grow , you will start to see less and less accidents in the crate.  As soon as you get up in the morning take the baby outside " Before the coffee" and  again after a short playtime and breakfast , then back into the crate while you are at work.  You may leave the TV or a radio on for the pup while you are away. As soon as you return home, put the baby outside and let the playtime begin, he has waited for this moment all day and has a lot of love and kisses to give.  You might need some kisses too as it sure makes up
for a bad day at work!!!!  Never spank you pup for an accident , blame
yourself for not taking him out in time or leaving him out too long.  Reward the baby with treats when he does good and remember as each day passes you will start to notice a lot of progress. Remember, your pup should only use his little puppy pads until he is fully vaccinated and old enough to start outside!

The Shih-Tzu originated in Tibet, they were a sign of royalty.  They were the precious little
 fur balls that were seen sitting in the King and Queens laps in the palaces years ago.
 They are for sure precious little gems.  The Shih-Tzu's are known as charming little clowns.
 If you have ever had the chance to personally know one you would defiantly agree.
They are a very calm laid back breed, with beautiful little personality.  
The Shih-Tzu is the breed that captured my heart in 1995 and made me realize
 I wanted to breed this wonderful little dogs.  Not to mention the beauty of the breed,
 with the long non-shedding silky coat.  Each litter is like a Christmas present,
you never know what you are going to get?  Each litter is full of different colored puppies.  
They come in black /white, Blue/white, Gold/white,Brindle/white, Red/White, Solid White,
Solid Black, Solid Red, Solid Gold,, oh and don't forget my favorite Chocolate
and White with little chocolate noses.  The breed originated from the Tibetan Terrier
 and the Lhasa Apso and are related to both. The breed standard for the Shih-Tzu size
is 14 pounds and under.  Most of our off spring weigh in around 10 pounds.  
On occasion our males hit the 14 pound size and then sometimes they weigh
 in as little as 7 pounds as an adult.

           Some of Our Guys and Girls!

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